Know My Business
The New Business Marketplace

Introducing prospects, referral partners and suppliers

How many hats do you wear?

Running a small or medium sized business is hard work but executed properly, very rewarding when it grows in size as well as revenue. Too often businesses fail as the attention needed to support an effective sales/marketing process is undertaken by business owners and managers already wearing too many hats. As a result the business can suffer through the following:


Opportunities to capitalise on your own reputation and those of complementary business is lost if you don’t meet other businesses. Know My Business bridges the gap between businesses. We have built this website as a means to communicate the opportunities we collect and establish. Via our engagement we help to connect your business to other businesses, leading to new customers. The following areas are fundamental to the Know My Business model and the part of the facets of delivering value and good business.


Clients and customers trust businesses which are represented by us and recommended or referred by other businesses.

Higher Service Levels

Businesses which get referred, go the extra distance to deliver and retain relationships with new clients and referral businesses

Compete on service as well as price

Price is important but referral business usually delivers better service