Know My Business
The New Business Marketplace

Introducing prospects, referral partners and suppliers

We introduce businesses to business prospect,  referral/reciprocal business partners and suppliers with strong value propositions. We do this with market data on businesses and relationship building, ourselves and for our clients.

Our engagements are with businesses owners and decision makers who are seeking a face to face business introduction to lead to increased sales.

The key to why any business would be interested in meeting is your value proposition. Know My Business helps define what this is, to reference when approaching its extensive business network and targeted businesses.

Success is measured by the quality of face to face introductions and converted business which follows.

We have business connections with small, medium and large sized companies and if we don’t, we constantly make them on behalf of our clients seeking relationships.

Our US market entry in 2016 is focused on brand awareness and our business model. Commencing January we will educate and present ways businesses can learn ways of having a better conversation.


If you’d like to hear about our reporting, value proposition service and targeted introductions to business prospects or referral businesses, contact Know My Business on 415-659-1864.